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Controlled Flow Rate


-Inexpensive - Fast - Simple - Reliable - Reproducible-

 Bubbling System:

Simply Connect to your Para-Hydrogen Generator

The perfect plug and play system to get you experimenting quickly and effortlessly.

This kit has everything you need to safely bubble para-hydrogen gas thru aqueous solutions.

This can also be bundled with one of our Para-Hydrogen Generators.


  • Mass Flow Controller: 0 - 150 sccm Flow Rate

  • Operating Over-Pressure: 0 to 100 PSI

  • Pressure Relief Valves allow setting desired operating pressure

  • System Pressure Relief Bypass for continuous over-pressure of your NMR tube with para-hydrogen

  • Includes: All gas lines, Starter NMR Tubes (25 pack of high throughput 5mm NMR tubes), Spare replacement fittings, NMR Tube Stand, user manual.

A previous generation bubbling system has been employed in a number of previously published studies cited below.

Price: €8,950

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Operating Manual:


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The perfect plug and play system to get you experimenting quickly and effortlessly.

We accept request for custom setups to help with your application or to mate this equipment to your current setup, such as a gas-manifolds etc. 

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