Proseidon is our new First-Generation Bench-Top Hyperpolarization Device. After fiver years of development, we are now ready to offer you this extraordinary research device.

Propane Polarization 2.JPG


-Inexpensive - Fast - Simple - Reliable - Reproducible-

Price: €29,000


  • Production Rate: 0.15 Standard Liters/ second for up to maximum of 10 seconds per batch/cycle.

  • Production Quantity: From 0.3L to 3L per Cycle.

  • Proton-hyperpolarized propane (two protons after pairwise addition to CH2 and CH3): 1% (now) and potentially more in the future with the development of a more advanced catalysts.

  • Can be used on MRI scanners 0.35 T and below in long-lived form, and on any other MRI scanner in conventional form

  • Operational Requirements:

    • Supply of Parahydrogen and Propylene.  (Parahydrogen generator is not supplied with this polarizer).

    • Flammable Gas use Certification may be required.

  • Bench Top Device. Approximate Dimensions: 18"x12"x6"

  • Available in 110V and 220V Configurations

  • Up to 1,000 cycles or two years of operation (whichever comes first) on a single catalyst cartridge.

  • This is not a Biomedical Device.

Pairwise Addition.JPG

Liquid Nitrogen Para-Hydrogen Generator

Up to 50% Para-Hydrogen Enrichment

  • Designed to be submerged in a liquid Nitrogen.

  • Copper Wound Para-Hydrogen Converter packed with Iron Oxide Catalyst. 

  • Operated with Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Gas (>99.999%).

  • Operating Pressure: Up to 500 PSI

  • Flow Rate: Up to 20 Standard Liters Per Minute(III

Price: €3,300


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