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More Details:

  • All Aluminum Machines body.

  • Thorlabs adjustable height legs for easier laser alignment
  • 3 High quality Heat-Sinks enable superb temperature management
  • Thermal Paste Needed to thermally couple Pyrex SEOP Cell to the aluminum Jacket.

Aluminum Heating / Cooling Jacket V3

Custom Designed and machined to accommodate our 2" ID Optical Pumping Cell. Purchase of this unit includes:

  1. PID Controller, PID SSR with Heat Sink

  2. Thermocouple

  3. Detection Coil

  4. 2" Thorlabs Retro-Reflection Optics

  5. 90 degree IR reflection Mount

  6. Heating Cartridges.

  7. Wiring Harness


Our New updated design includes extensions to cover the entire SEOP Cell, thus reducing thermal gradients, thus vastly reducing the possibility of rubidium thermal runaway.

Product Information:

  • Designed to reduce thermal gradients across the OP-Cell.

  • 8 x 50W Cartridges Heaters

  • Compatible with Xeus RF Probe and NMR Spectrometer

  • Superb temperature handling of the SEOP pumping process: 4x Improvement over forced air and Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) design.

  • Temperature Ramping: up to 10C/minute avg.

  • ~5min Heating and Cooling Cycle, with laser operating at 170W.

  • Aluminum body provides additional RF Shielding to NMR Probe.

  • Sits on a Mounting Plate designed to attached a 30mm Aluminum T-slot Extrusion Rail (Mounting Plate not visible in picture)


Price: €13,650 VAT Excluded*

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Pricing also available in $US Dollars

*Customers are responsible for local VAT and Duty in country of destination

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