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Para-Hydrogen Conversion

Para-hydrogen generators employ cryogenic temperatures, where paramagnetic catalyst (iron oxide) converts normal dihydrogen gas into para-hydrogen-enriched gas. Normal dihydrogen gas consists of 25% para-hydrogen and 75% ortho-hydrogen. The percentage enrichment is temperature dependent ranging from 50% Enrichment at 77K and >99% Enrichment at 10K.

The inherently long lived singlet spin state of Para-Hydrogen can be used for Magnetic Resonance (MR) hyperpolarization techniques such as; (1) Para-Hydrogen Induced Polarization (PHIP), (2) Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange (SABRE), and (3) Para-Hydrogen and Synthesis Allow Dramatically Enhanced Nuclear Spin Amplification (PASADENA). These techniques significantly enhance MR sensitivity by orders of magnitude by increasing nuclear spin polarization, thus enabling functional and metabolic molecular imaging, and other biomedical applications.


Para-Hydrogen Production

Here we feature our Flow Cryostat and the ARS Closed Cycle Cryostat for the production of Para-hydrogen.

Parahydrogen Flow Cryostat.jpg

An inexpensive option which can produce up to 50% Para-hydrogen Enrichment using Xeus Iron Oxide Catalyst. Designed to get you experimenting quickly.

700PSI System + Stand HiRes_edited.jpg

The ARS Closed Cycle Cryostat is the way to go when you are looking for large scale 99% Para-hydrogen Enrichment. 

Liquid Bubbles

Para-Hydrogen Bubbling & Storage

Here we offer various solutions to enable Para-Hydrogen based experiments such as PHIP and SABRE via bubbling. In addition we also offer our Storage and Distribution System which enables access to stored Para-Hydrogen on demand through out the week.

Microtesla Bubbling System 5.jpg

This research device intended to provide instrumentational capacity for a wide range of experiments involving parahydrogen-based hyperpolarization ranging from pair-wise parahydrogen addition to chemical exchange of parahydrogen using 5-mm NMR tubes


The perfect plug and play system to get you experimenting quickly and effortlessly. This kit has everything you need to safely bubble para-hydrogen gas thru aqueous solutions

Distribution System.jpg

Used in combination with your  parahydrogen generator. The purpose of this system is to assist in parahydrogen production, storage, and distribution of the gas to different setups.

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