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About this device:

The MicroTesla Parahydrogen Bubbling System is a research device intended to provide instrumentational capacity for a wide range of experiments involving parahydrogen-based hyperpolarization ranging from pair-wise parahydrogen addition to chemical exchange of parahydrogen. This device includes several key components allowing to deliver parahydrogen gas in the form of bubbles to a to-be-hyperpolarized solution placed inside a 5-mm NMR tube. Once the required chemistry has been completed, the 5-mm NMR tube can be moved to the detector: for example, bench-top NMR spectrometer, for evaluation of signal enhancement. On the spin-physics side, this device enables precise control of the magnetic field over the sample. This is achieved using commercial-grade mu-metal shield with attenuation factor of

Microtesla Bubbling System 1.jpg

1,200, and a solenoid magnet placed inside the magnetic shield. The field inside of the solenoid magnet can be created using either DC power supply (situated inside the polarizer chassis; included with the device) or via AC waveforms that can be generated using an arbitrary waveform generator (not included) residing outside the chassis. The precise field control is achieved via attenuating resistor bank and the wave form. Since most waveform generators feature two channels, the second channel can be conveniently employed to operate LED to inform the operator regarding the experimental flow. The device also allows for the parahydrogen flow and pressure control inside the 5-mm NMR tube. 5-mm NMR tube container can be replaced by other reactors (not included). The device also allows for temperature control from 6°C to 50°C. Higher temperature maybe possible through customization. The tubing, and connectors adjacent to the NMR tube are non-magnetic allowing for seamless operation inside the mu-metal shield and compatibility with NMR spectrometer equipment. In case of reversible reactions, the hyperpolarization study can be readily repeated without disconnecting the sample from high-pressure manifold, allowing the use to have hyperpolarization on demand. In summary, the device is intended as an entry-level system for parahydrogen based hyperpolarization with the vision that this RESEARCH device can be employed in a wide range of experiments designed and configured by the end user.

This device can also be bundled with one of our Para-Hydrogen Generators and Distribution System.

Key Features:

  • Operating Voltage: 120 - 240V, 13Amps

  • Variable Temperature Sample Operation

  • Pressure Relief Valve 100 psi (7 atm), allowing samples to be pressurized with parahydrogen for accelerated reaction rates (higher pressure is possible on demand)

  • Industrial Three-Layer Mu-Metal Shielding: 76 mm (Inner Diameter) x 229 mm (Height)

  • Inner In-Shield Solenoid Magnet: 63 mm (Outer Diameter) x 225 mm (Height)

  • Degaussing Coil controlled via Automated Degaussing Circuit

  • Dual MicroTesla Field Operation with internal DC Current or External AC Field Waveforms

  • Precise MicroTesla Field Control Adjustment via Attenuation Resistor Box: 0.05-100 microTesla

  • Built-in Parahydrogen Gas Pressure Regulator

  • Two Options for Inlet Parahydrogen Gas Flow Control via Mass Flow Controller or Needle Valve

  • Manual Control of Parahydrogen Bubbling Using Bypass Valve

  • Manual Control of Parahydrogen Gas Overpressure Using Vent Valve

  • Consumables: standard 5-mm NMR tube with Teflon jacket (available from commercial vendors) or through Xeus Technologies

  • Dimensions: 62cm (L) x 47cm (W) x 46cm (H)

  • Weight: 31 kg

Standard Configuration:

Price (Mass Flow Controlled): €29,295 VAT Excluded*

Price (Needle Valve Controlled): €27,550 VAT Excluded*

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Pricing also available in $US Dollars

*Customers are responsible for local VAT and Duty in country of destination

Large Configuration for additional €5,000:
1) Optional Sample Size: Can be Expanded on Demand
2) Inner Shield dimensions Expandable to 152 mm (Inner Diameter) x 381 mm (Height)    
3) Inner In-Shield Solenoid Magnet Dimensions Expandable to 124 mm (Outer Diameter) x 376 mm (Height)

Video Demonstration of the Micro-Tesla Para-Hydrogen Bubbling System


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