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Here you will find parts used on the Xeus Xenon Hyperpolarizer which can be purchased as replacement parts or to be used for your own setup.


Discover Tailored Electro-Magnet Winding Solutions with Xeus Technologies.

At Xeus Technologies, we specialize in delivering electro-magnet winding services tailored to your unique requirements.

Our expertise extends to NMR/MRI applications, offering precision magnet winding services that guarantee optimal performance.

Key Features:

  Customizable Frame Options:

  • Choose from our selection of standard fiberglass solenoids in varying diameters.

  • Opt for a custom-designed frame manufactured to your specifications.

  • Utilize your existing frame for seamless integration.

  • Aluminum frames can be expertly wrapped in Kapton (Polyimide) Film for electrical isoluation

  Precision Engineering:

  • Minimum magnet wire diameter of 0.45mm ensures meticulous attention to detail.

  • Winding distance varies based on frame specifications, typically ranging between 90 to 95cm in length.

For unparalleled magnet winding solutions that meet your exact needs, reach out to us today with your request.

Contact Us Now to Discuss Your Requirements.

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