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Product Information:

  • Allows you to update and set all SEOP parameters via Graphical User Interface (Water chiller temp, Laser Power, Magnet Power, and PID Temp)

  • Switch on/off SEOP Fans. Fans have Tachometer Sensor. Driver Module will display status of fan, including if it is damaged.

  • Acuate Gas Manifold Solenoid Valves

  • Enables you to power Devices On/Off

  • Visually Display IR and NMR

  • Safely Ramps Laser Power Supply on and off to prevent damage to the laser.

  • Runs automated sequences of the Xeus Xenon Polarizer

Xeus Driver Module - Micro-Controller

The Driver Module is an ARM-based SMT32 Micro-controller designed to integrate all components on the xeus xenon polarizer and polarimetry station, thus enabling automation of procedures with the aid of feedback sensors from those devices.

When using a WiFI enabled computer, the user can connect to the Driver Module via a Graphical User Interface. It can also be operated using the front panel.

1)Driver Module
2) Solid State Relay Power Board
3) RS485 Communications Board


Price: €23,650 VAT Excluded*

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Pricing also available in $US Dollars

*Customers are responsible for local VAT and Duty in country of destination


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