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Spin Exchange Optical Pumping Cell

SEOP CELL Rubidium Loading Service Coming Soon:

We are happy to announce that we are currently setting up our facility with the capability of offering a Rubidium Alkali metal filling Service.

Due to Safety regulations all Rubdium Filled Cells will be shipped via Sea and Ground Freight services only. More details will be available soon.

Optical Pumping Cell

This Optical Pumping cell has 2" ID which matches the laser transmitted light, and 500cc volume, designed to be used with Xeus Gen3 Aluminum Heating Jacket.

This product is sold Empty (not loaded with Rubidium Alkali Metal).

Product Information:

  • This is for the purchase of just the Pyrex optical pumping cell. Cells do not come pre-loaded with alkali metal.

  • Have been tested up to 40 psi of pressure. Designed to operate at ~24 psi.

  • Weather Proof Foam Padded Protective Case is included with Cells for safety and storage.

  • Cells are re-usable.


Price: €1,700 VAT Excluded*

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Pricing also available in $US Dollars

*Customers are responsible for local VAT and Duty in country of destination

The following video demonstrates the installation of the SEOP Cell in our Xeus Xenon Hyperpolarizer.

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