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B0 Electromagnet

B0 Electromagnet

8" Inch OD Carbon Fiber Tube, 24" Inch Length.
Homogeneity: 300 ppm over 5cm dsv.
Idle for Low Field NMR polarimatry.

Product Information:

  • This is custom wound electromagnet, designed to eliminate large magnetic fields gradients.

  • Good homogeneity, makes it suitable for in-situ NMR polarimetry.

  • Cost effective Vs Large Bulky Hemholtz Coil magnet pairs which often require water cooling.

  • End compensation coils to increase homogeneity.

  • Aluminum Heating Jacket fits inside.

  • Tunable to magnetic field required for 1H and 129Xe NMR detection at 40.8 kHz resonance frequency

  • 100W = 3.5 mT (35 Gauss).

  • NMR-compatible power supply is available for operating this NMR-grade magnet

Price: €4,200 VAT Excluded*

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Pricing also available in $US Dollars

*Customers are responsible for local VAT and Duty in country of destination


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