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Liquid Nitrogen Para-Hydrogen Generator

This Parahydrogen Generator (Flow Cryostat) is simple to use and ideal to get you quickly started with your experiments. It has been employed in a number of previously published studies (see below). The lower coil must be submerged in liquid nitrogen for conversion to occur.

para hydrogen3.png
Liquid Nitrogen pH2 Generator Coil
Flow Crysotat 1
Flow Cryostat 2
Flow Cryostat 3
Parahydrogen Flow Cryostat

When choosing to use this option, you must select an appropriately sized Dewar, and follow the instructions in the manual for proper operation.

The Dewar must have an Bore Opening of at least 8cm to insert the Flow Cryostat. To submerge the lower coil, you require at least 10 to 13cm of depth.

Flow Cryostat dimensions.JPG

Key Features:

Up to 50% Para-Hydrogen Enrichment

  • Designed to be submerged in liquid Nitrogen.

  • Copper Wound Para-Hydrogen Converter is packed with Iron Oxide Catalyst which has been cleaned and filtered using Xeus Technologies protocols for the ideal mesh sized particles.

  • Dual upper 20 Turn Coils aid to equilibrate the temperature of inlet and outlet gas, resulting in higher conversion yield.

  • Operated with Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Gas (5.0) 99.999%

  • Max Operating Pressure: Up to 500 psi

  • Flow Rate: Up to 20 Standard Liters Per Minute

Price: €2,900 VAT Excluded*

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Pricing also available in $US Dollars

*Customers are responsible for local VAT and Duty in country of destination

Download Operating Manual:


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