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Meet the founders of XeUS Technologies.

This highly skilled team, along with collaborators have contributed in advancing and improving Xenon hyperpolarized technology. A technology which has enabled Hyperpolarized Gas MRI - A methodology now accepted by researchers world wide as the leading method for the study of lung diseases and response to treatments.

Dr. Panayiotis (Peter) Nikolaou
Executive Director

Panayiotis Nikolaou studied Chemistry with a primary focus on (i) developing, and applying new technologies to understand and improve hyperpolarized Xe-129 production and (ii) studying the host-guest dynamics of Xe-129-cryptophane inclusion complexes at Southern Illinois University Carbondale under the guidance of Prof. Boyd M. Goodson where he earned his PhD in 2010. Currently, a Post-Doctoral fellow with Prof. Eduard Chekmenev, where he has designed and build two automated clinical scale Xenon polarizers. One being used in COPD clinical trials at Harvard University, while the other is being used at Vanderbilt university for studies such as Xenon Induced Polarization. Current Research interests include the development of fully-automated xenon hyperpolarizer technology, hyperpolarized contrast agents and their biomedical application in Magnetic Resonance.

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Dr. Eduard Y. Chekmenev

Eduard Y. Chekmenev, b 1977, PhD in Physical Chemistry (supervisor Prof. Richard J. Wittebort) 2003, University of Louisville, KY, USA. Postdoctoral Fellow at NHMFL to work on structural biology of membrane proteins in Tallahassee, FL, USA (with Prof. Timothy Cross) and in NMR hyperpolarization at Caltech (with Prof. Daniel P. Weitekamp) and hyperpolarized in vivo imaging at HMRI (with Dr. Brian D. Ross). In 2009, Dr. Chekmenev started his hyperpolarization program at Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS), and he was tenured in 2015. In 2016, he was elected as a Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences. Research interests include development of methods of hyperpolarization and their Biomedical and industrial applications.

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Dr. Boyd M. Goodson

Boyd M. Goodson graduated from Princeton University in 1995 (thesis research with Warren Warren and Herschel Rabitz) and earned his PhD in chemistry in 1999 with Alexander Pines at the University of California, Berkeley / LBNL. Following postdoctoral work with Ahmed Zewail at Caltech, in 2002 Goodson joined the faculty at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and was promoted to full professor in 2014. His research and teaching have been recognized by an NSF CAREER award, Research Innovation and Cottrell Scholar Awards from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, the ORAU Powe Junior Faculty Award, and the Kaplan Award for Research, Sigma Xi Society (SIUC Chapter). Goodson's research interests concern magnetic resonance and optical spectroscopies, NMR/MRI sensitivity enhancement, and hyperpolarization.

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