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Low-Field NMR Polarimetry Station

NMR Polarimetry, Hyperpolarized Storage and Transport Station

This Low-Field NMR Polarimetry station is used for quality assurance of your hyperpolarized xenon-129 which is equipped with the same homogeneous solenoid electromagnet, Xeus NMR spectrometer and RF Pulse Detection coil used on our Xeus Xenon Polarizer with an operational field of 4mT at Xenon resonance frequency.

The perfect all in one solution for Quality Assurance and Sample Transportation.

Key Features:

  • Polarimetry Station is on caster wheels allowing easy relocation.

  • Equipped with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), thus allowing the station to be used as a storage and transfer unit of hyperpolarized xenon from one location to another.

  • Sample Size: Up to 1L in a Tedlar Bag

  • Can be customized to a different sample size: 0.1-2L at no extra charge.

  • Can be customized to Carbon-13 at no extra charge (one nucleus per system).

  • This system is enclosed in aluminum chassis.

  • The magnet can be potentially enclosed in a mu-metal shield for operation is high fringe fields: addition charge applies. 

  • Detection coil is also enclosed in aluminum shielding to reduce electromagnetic interference.

  • Operating Field: 4mT at Xenon Resonance Frequency

  • Equipped with the Xeus Driver Module which enables the following features:
    1) Auto-Calibration using automated current sweep on water thermal phantom
    2) Auto-Calibration using automated current sweep on HP-129Xe sample or other nucleus
    3) Acquires reference 1H signal
    4) Allows for T1-Decay Measurements on your hyperpolarized sample

  • Operates from a single plug: 120 and 240 VAc Options.

Price: €35,000

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

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