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Storage and Distribution


-Inexpensive - Fast - Simple - Reliable - Reproducible-

Distribution System Setup.jpg
Distribution Panel Schematic:

 Distribution System:
Simply Connect to your Para-Hydrogen Generator

The Distribution System is used in combination with your para-Hydrogen generator. The purpose of this system is assist in para-Hydrogen production, storage, and distribution of gas to different setups.

This system allows you to produce pH2 at the beginning of the week and store it, thus allowing you to perform experiments all week without having to operate the generator everyday which may require 4 hours of production time (with system startup and shut down time). This gives you more time to focus on your experiments.

This can also be bundled with one of our Para-Hydrogen Generators and Bubbling System.


  • Dosing System - Controlled Hydrogen supply to the generator. Pulses gas ever 3.5 seconds.

  • Heat Exchange Coil - allows the inlet and outlet gas to the generator to thermally equilibrate.

  • Pressure Relief Valve - protects the system from over pressurizing.

  • High Pressure Particle Filter.

  • Two 20 Lbs (10L) Gas Cylinders for storage of pH2.

  • Brass Single Stage Regulators for output pressure control.

  • Distribution Panel for independent gas Cylinder control.

Price: €19,700

Price Updated: 13/02/24. (Price is subject to change without warning)

Operating Manual:


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